The crooked ways
Though it tarry
Mission trips {what we’re doing wrong and how to get it right}
Nine fingers and thousand piece puzzles
the Immeasurably More
{saying yes}
Little by little
the things that matter
Bullet holes and shining scars
Too short
Shoes and coats
A good progression
The roundabout ways
chewy banana bread
cracks in the sidewalk
faith {a gracious offer}
for the times you’d rather not have faith…
at the cross {a vast, bottomless, shoreless sea}
“You already know the way”
Treading water
Faith and doubt and impossibilities
Humbled by grace
“But sir, the well is deep”
Tenacity {more than hanging on}
the commonplace things
Elbow room
the shadow of fear
Further horizons and greater depths
“He is good”
Embracing nothingness
the Eternal Love
The death of egotism
Love, give, bless {repeat}
Grace is your identity
A slight obsession + a never-ending love
What are you bringing to earth?
The search for satisfaction
Love, for the day is near
A challenge for a new week
Do you believe in grace?
Resting by the wayside
If you believe
In the belly of a whale
Unforced rhythms of grace
Dropping my nets
Do you believe?
Do you fear His will?
Ticking time and opportunities
Screams and Whispers
The Tuesday morning funk
Lost in the Clouds
Who we were made to be
Names of Christ: Logos
To be greater
Proverbs 31…to cringe or not to cringe?
Wrecked by love
O death, where is your sting?
The humble King
The Secret Things
A Breath of Fresh Air
Journal Pages
What I have(n’t) done in Thailand
Grace: It is finished
A Different Kind of Christmas
The Contentment Secret
Father Abraham…had many sons…
Make me a channel of Thy peace
Beautiful Feet (part two)
Beautiful Feet (part one)
Pattaya Praise = Pure Awesomeness
God of this City
A Time to Uproot
In a Cloud
Five Loaves and Two Fish
Thirsty for Grace
In Process
“But He Loved”
Yesterday and Tomorrow
Permanent Addresses

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